Volcano eruptions and tsumani waves impact lives, properties and resources



Thank you for your prayers for the Kingdom of Tonga, including the staff and radio hosts at the radio station.

Sadly, three people are so far confirmed dead from the main island of Tongatapu and also from Mango Island and Numuka Island.

The Tongan Government has called the events an “unprecedented disaster” . 

Praise God that Willy Florian, his family and the radio hosts are safe and the radio station is still broadcasting messages of hope through Jesus on 93.1FM for as long a power is available.

However the thick ash-fall and salt water has contaminated all the water catchments and crop plantations. Everyone is wearing a mask when outdoors, not because of Covid (as Tonga is still Covid-free) but because of the ash dust in the atmosphere.


New Zealand and Australian defence forces have already arrived at the capital Nuku’alofa with initial relief supplies – which will be prioritised for distribution to the most needy areas and islands.

A Tonga patrol vessel has already delivered water, food and tents to residents of Mango island – where all homes have been destroyed – and has just undertaken a further trip with another health team, more resources and emergency responders to Mango, Fonoifua and Nomuka islands.

Your donation, of any amount, will help provide much needed assistance for Willy’s family and the radio hosts (who are volunteers) – and also through them to those in greatest need within the community.



Special phone-in program on Sunday 23 January

SPECIAL PHONE IN PROGRAMME 6am to 6pm on SUNDAY 23 JANUARY We are holding holding a special phone-in program for your messages and prayers of support for family and friends in Tonga in these challenging days. The phone numbers to call are: +676 8427327 or +676 7727327 and we look

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Message in Tongan from Willy Florian


Recording of special live phone message from Willy Florian relayed through the MotiVate office in New Zealand and livestreamed on our Facebook page.

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Phone report from Willy Florian


We received a phone call from Willy Florian in Tonga this morning, to let us know he and his family – and everyone at the radio station – are OK.However, food and water supplies are running low and the air is polluted with toxic ash.Because most communications with Tonga are

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Volcano eruption & tsunami waves impact islands

Previous Next Donate Emergency Relief Your donation, of any amount, will help purchase essential food, clean water and other essential items for the radio hosts (mostly volunteers) and those in greatest need within the community.UPDATE – WEDNESDAY 19 JANUARYSadly, three people are so far confirmed dead from the main island

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21 Days Prayer & Fasting

THIS EVENT HAS ENDED BUT YOU CAN STILL VIEW IT HERE From Willy Florian – Station Manager Right now we have been having our prayer and fasting … not only our local people but also the Tongan people around the world … and I would say 1,000+ people have been joining

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Pray that we can move soon

From Willy Florian – Station Manager First of all I would like to thank God for His love and what He’s doing for the ministry. We’d like to thank our supporters, and those who have been praying and giving, for believing in what we’re doing. An update of what is

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Final Call for Support

The interior of the new station building is complete, ready to move in before the end of September.We’re now working to finish the new toilet block, exterior finishing, decking construction and the new, taller transmission tower that has been donated to us!Can you help provide the funds to complete the work this month? (TOP25,000 /

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Sowing The Seed Day 7

Sowing The Seed – Day 7

Our final day of ‘Sowing the Seed’ week has arrived and firstly we wanted to thank you all for the continued love and support from those who have sown this week. It has been our privilege to be able to share the heart behind the ministry and bring a bit

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Sowing The Seed Day 6

Sowing The Seed – Day 6

It’s such a blessing to hear testimonies of lives being impacted across the Kingdom by the gospel through the various programmes. While the broadcasts are currently across Tongatapu, our vision is to extend the FM signal to Ha’apai and Vava’u island groups, and provide streaming to our overseas listeners. To

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Sowing The Seed Day 5

Sowing The Seed – Day 5

An amazing door of opportunity presented itself to serve the Prison community, where we have been given free access. Prisoners are equipped to grow and develop skills and participate within our bible studies. We have seen positive change and growth within the prisoners and their families. Many of them have

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Sowing The Seed Day 4

Sowing The Seed – Day 4

Life without connection often feels like a ride without meaning. The Tonga Christian Radio Station saw a need for discipleship within communities across Tongatapu. We’ve started many discipleship groups over the years and have seen many lives transformed through this movement. Discipleship is really the core of this ministry and

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Sowing The Seed Day 3

Sowing The Seed – Day 3

We’re halfway into ‘Sowing the Seed Week’ raising funds for the Tonga Christian Radio Station building. The Women’s Ministry holds regular bible studies for local women and we have seen countless breakthroughs come through the fellowship. Our Empowering Women Tonga Conferences leave them deeply passionate and inspired. To donate towards

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(Koe Laumalie Maonioni) Ngaue 2 & Sioeli 2

Oku ke fakaamu ke makehe ho’o
ngaue mae ‘Eiki? Pea oku fiema’u
leva ke ke ma’u ae malohi oe ‘Otua
Ka e anga fefe? Kau mai ke ta keli kihe ene mooni

Polokalama fakalotolahi moe pole ki he moui

Empowering Interview with Melenaite Veiku

This is a MUST HEAR program. Don’t miss this powerful and very unique sharing and encouragement that comes from the heart, by Melenaite Veikune.
Lost and trying to fit herself into the things of this world, only left her empty until she was strike by a Bible verse that change her life forever. She even challenge us on how God is working with her in her
leadership role.

Talaloto liliu tangata ‘ae ‘Otua pea moe fakalotolahi ‘a Tevita Taiala pea moe Letio Faka-Kalisitiane 93.1FM ‘o Tonga