The Awesome Power of Blessing in Tonga

It was an honour to host Richard Brunton (author – ‘The Awesome Power of Blessing’) from 28 August to 2 September.

Richard ministered on the principles of Blessing and the Father’s love in discipleship groups; schools; special meetings, churches, market-place and at the radio station.

Willy reported:

“It was a blessing to speak blessing at the market place and different places with different people but what amazed us is GOD AT WORK in the lives of the people … From the market to business place, then to those who on their sick bed and even to the principal of a school …

The discipleship groups received the Father’s blessing as Richard Brunton leads us through the session. So much tears and love of God, oh what a night as fathers bless their children and husband and wife bless each other. A very touching moment …”

Thank you for supporting this anointed ministry in your prayers!