Christmas in the Kingdom of Tonga – Part 3

Greetings again from the Island shores of the Kingdom of Tonga, to all my beloved co-workers in the Lord’s field.

Today is the last day of 2022 and, with King David in 2 Samuel 5:20, after he defeated the Philistines, he exclaimed… “the Lord did it” and yes I declare that the Lord did it again in 2022.

Walking by faith and trusting God is an exciting journey, although it has been a tough year for us – but the Lord still did it.

Please  do allow me to share my last part of testimonies of what God has been doing through the Radio ministry. 

Testimony #11 The radio has become a powerful instrument or tool that God uses to transform lives. It was during this morning’s LIVE radio program when a listener called in. He was in a death and life situation. His only hope was to call the Radio station. The Radio host opened the line for anyone who wants to pray for him.

People began to call and pray, and a miracle took place as God healed this person instantly. There were voices of joyful tears through the airwaves that went on for 2 to 3 hours on the Radio. Praise the Lord!

Testimony #12 Someone was trying to breath, her body was weak, she was dying. She reached out to her little radio, turned it on and heard the Radio host speaking in a way as if God was actually speaking to her, revealing her condition and her present situation.

She called upon Jesus and healing took place …

Testimony #13 A farmer  was alone with his wife and three children in their plantation – discouraged, hurt and felt abandoned by family and friends. There is no electricity in this place, but somehow that night he ended up tuning to our Christian Radio station through his phone. The love of Christ touched him and his wife. They were both in the dark far away from the town area.

Jesus visited their little house through the Radio and today he is walking in his new life with Christ … and God has been blessing him through what he plants and he has been a blessing to others again.

Testimony #14 A young man in his twenties had been locked in by his parents and prevented from getting out of the place, because he has a skin disease all over his body. He would cry every night, and he was even taken by force by his relatives to someone who do witchcraft. His only friend was the Radio … he would listen to our station and from there he began to understand Jesus.

One day he ran away from his home to the Radio station, and we prayed for him. He gave his life to Jesus, and for the very first time someone hugged him and gave him a ride to town. All you could see was tears running from his eyes. It was Jesus all this time.

Testimony #15 Their marriage life was falling apart, they were both into wild parties, they didn’t know what to do, but something led them to the Radio. They start listening to it, they start acting in obedience to it, they ended up coming to the Radio and gave their lives to Jesus!

Today their life is a role model to other young couples …

These are just some stories of what God is doing through the radio waves.

Every day a soul is being encouraged, saved and touched.

My number one prayer for 2023 is to have a very high mast, where we can put the 5 antenna on it and where it can reach the whole Kingdom. When that has taken place I will shout out loud and say “THE LORD HAS DONE IT AGAIN”.

On behalf of the Radio ministry, and my family, I would like to wish you a blessed New Year. 

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

‘Ofa lahi ‘atu,

Willy Florian (Station Manager)
Your servant and co-worker of the Cross