Christmas in the Kingdom of Tonga – Part 2

Greetings again from the Island Kingdom of Tonga!

We have 3 more days till Christmas and on behalf of the Tonga Christian Radio 93.1FM, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth said to Mary,

… “you are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what He said.” (Luke 1:45 NLT)

The journey was hard for 2022, but one thing that keeps us going was believing that God will do what He said about the ministry of the Radio, that it will be a lighthouse to the nation where many will come to know Jesus. Even your faith in God and believing in what we are doing here in Tonga has allowed us to see the mighty hand of God.

Let me continue with my stories from last week of what God is doing through the Radio.


Testimony #6  We do have old traditional church here in Tonga and since we do discipleship in different villages it has become a pathway into these old churches.

Three senior preachers from three different churches came in, to check what we are doing in our groups. They ended up becoming part of the discipleship group, with the touch of God in their lives. They brought their family and today they are preaching what they learn from our discipleship group in their churches … this causes the groups to grow in numbers.

To God be the glory.

Testimony #7 A mother from one of our discipleship group has been coming to our program, she is a wife of a bishop from a Mormon church. She begins to learn about Jesus and the truth of Gods Word. Her submission to her husband is very strong and she has started to share about the message of the Cross and the truth of God’s Word in her church, which has caused a lot of disturbance to their church and at the same time a light of hope to many.

Keep her in your prayer.


Testimony #8 A number of unmarried partners have been coming to our discipleship groups. They have been rejected by pastors, churches and even christians because of their life style. They have been condemned, judged and hated.

They came to the groups and we shared the message of the Cross, and we discipled them a 7 weeks bible study. God began to bring conviction to them through the Word by itself and today they have given their life to Jesus, not staying together and processing their wedding ceremony …

God works in a mysterious way. Jesus loves sinners but hates sin.


Testimony #9 A number of backsliders are coming back to the Lord, the worse is that people in their churches are gossiping about them. They start coming to the groups and learn that God can forgive their sins and He still loves them, tears of repentance overflows within them as the members of our groups from different church hug them and encourage them with their walk. I myself just can’t stop crying, you can feel the presence of God everywhere. 

Testimony #10 A wave of young people are coming to the Lord. In different discipleship groups we have youth, so the Radio has a special program with them and they are growing and active in sharing Gods Word everywhere. I would write a totally new newsletter to share their testimonies …



We are hosting a youth retreat on the third week of January 2023 in New Zealand, a group of 24 young leaders who are leading other young people in their walk with God in these discipleship groups … please pray for this upcoming youth retreat as we wait for our visa approval and God’s financial provision. 


Just like what Elizabeth said to Mary (in my own words),

“… Mary you are blessed because you believed that God will do the impossible …”


I’m believing that God will do the impossible for this upcoming Youth Retreat.


Thank you again for you prayers and support towards the ministry of the Radio.


With a humble heart i would like to say thank you very much again.


Next week will be stories from the Radio broadcasting area and may you have a blessed Christmas with your family.




Willy Florian (Station Manager)

Your servant and co-worker of the Cross