Christmas in the Kingdom of Tonga – Part 1

Greetings from the Island Kingdom of Tonga!

As we draw closer to the end of the year, and Christmas is just around the corner, I am overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving at what the Lord has done through the ministry of the Radio.

For surely you shall call Him Immanuel which means ‘God is with us’. It was Immanuel that has bought us this far.

The Radio has become a platform where God demonstrates His Glory.

We have hosted 3 different fasting periods  this year. We started with 21 fasting days, then 40 days then 21 days again. About 4,000 plus people joined this fasting period here and abroad.

During this period of time miracles took place … people were healed, broken marriages were restored, citizens’ and residence permits were approved and many, many more.

Testimony #1: For one example, a thirty year old woman who didn’t have her monthly period for one year and her stomach started to grow big. We prayed and she called on Jehovah Rapha one early Sunday morning during my LIVE program. Suddenly she heard a big blast inside her body then suddenly blood and other bad stuff started coming out, and it was the healing power of God!

Testimony #2: An 8 year old boy heard her parents talking about participating on our last 21 day fasting. He said he wanted to join and he was faithful throughout the 21 days by missing breakfast! He was awarded as the best of best in his school, where he today is walking around his family testifying about the powerful name of Jesus and the power of prayer and fasting.

Testimony #3: Her husband had left her and the children. She was broken, hurt and in need. She joined the fasting and prayer, and while the husband was living in sin, God struck him with such a fear where he started running back asking forgiveness.

Testimony #4: A family has been living in a foreign country (over-stayed) for more than 5 years for work but with no visa.  They joined the fasting, and God granted their citizenship in that foreign land.

Testimony #5: This family were in need financially … they just don’t know where to get the money. They joined the fasting and prayer and out of the blue someone walked in, and just gave them this big amount of cash saying that God has moved him to give!

I could go on and on … this is just on the fasting and prayer, and I haven’t  talked about the other areas of what God is doing through the ministry … God is real!

Your prayers and donations are making a difference, but above all this is the coming of many to the Cross.

Thank you for sowing the seed to this ministry … together we are seeing lives being changed. To God be the glory!

I will continue with my testimonies next week.

Malo ‘aupito for your support!

Your servant and co-worker of the Cross 

Willy Florian (Station Manager)