On behalf of the Tonga Christian Radio station, we would like to thank everyone for your prayers and your support. Although we are in the midst of this pandemic – we know it is hard – but yet your prayers and your giving bless us so much.

For an update on the building, I think we have passed half of the stage of the building. Just a few things left to be done but right now everything is on hold. We are praying and trusting God to provide – to complete the rest of the thing.

So, I pray for 50,000 pa’anga (NZ$33,300 / US$21,000) to complete this building and I’m trusting God.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated to make sure the work is completed well and in good time.

I want to thank those who have been praying.

One thing that God has been challenging me is Elijah. The Bible says that there was no rain for 3½ years and he went and told King Ahab “go eat and drink because I can hear the sound of a heavy storm”. He said that without seeing any rain, or sign of rain, so as I read that God reminds me that … ‘Willy – you know, you may not see the provision coming yet, financially, but by faith I can hear the sound of that storm – of God’s provision for the radio station.’

So I am excited and I’m trusting God, and the Bible says that after he had said that he climbed up the mountain and started praying.

So that leads us also to our 40 days of prayer going on right now.

We are doing a 40-day prayer and fasting for the nation of Tonga. For all the Tongans overseas. For our neighbouring countries – the Pacific Islands, including New Zealand and Australia. And also, around the world we are praying that the Lord in his own way will bring a breakthrough in the midst of this disease that has been spreading and has been affecting us.

Not only that,

we are praying and trusting God that he will move in his provision for the radio station.

To be honest, I tell you, souls are coming to the Lord. And not only the souls are coming to the Lord … we are at the stage also of training Church leaders.

I have just completed a 7 week training with a church … a Pastor with his leaders training them to stand to be evangelists – doing evangelism in their churches. And it is amazing just to see that. And after the seven weeks of their training, I mean … they are just on fire. Going out from houses to houses and sharing about the Lord. And they have used the radio to be a channel of encouragement for that, cheering them up in what they are doing.

These are the things that the Lord has been doing, and even in the midst of our prayer and fasting day right now, I see God moves hearts.

Some of our leaders in the government are moved and heard what the Radio Station is doing. A few churches and organisations have just started fasting, and people are jumping and jumping! Today is our 11th day and now people are saying “Willy, can we still join?” And I said “come on, jump in! And even if there’s only four more days till 40 days you still can jump in.” And they are so excited as they dedicate themselves to miss a meal – either one or two a day within these 40 day – and I tell you I believe that God is going to do a breakthrough.

And you know just like when Elijah said to his servant “go and see… do you see any sign?”, he said “I can see a small cloud big as a hand” … you know?

And God says to me … Willy, you may see a new thing right now but I tell you I will turn it to become big and it will shower – so I just can’t wait for what God is about to do. Praise the Lord!

So I’m excited … and thank you for all the prayers. I just want to encourage our supporters, do not think that what you are sowing, and your prayers, is in vain. No, no, I see the fruits of your giving and your prayers every day in my life.

You know, I seek God, and God reminds me Willy you are reaping the prayers and the giving of others. You know, and maybe you guys are not here in Tonga but God sees that, and I can only imagine on that day of reward, and God will reward, and you know Daniel says that – I think the last part of Daniel – that says, God says, that he has a crown , a blessing for those who win souls.

So I just want to say thank you, a big malo aupito, and thank you for believing in us. We believe that at the end of this year breakthrough will take place so please follow us on our Facebook page or on our website.

We have stories and testimonies and if you want to hear our prayers every 6pm Tonga time we are doing our prayer line. Sorry, it’s in Tongan – but you can just know what is going on.

May the Lord bless you.

Malo ‘aupito,
Willy Florian (Station Manager)