Station Personnel

You may not be aware that neither Willy Florian (Station manager) or any of the radio hosts have ever received a salary for their ministry on the radio, or any of the other ministries run by the radio station for up to 20 years.

With the recent sharp rise in the costs of living in the islands, along with limited employment opportunities, we are now seeking to secure income for the equivalent of at least two full-time paid workers.

Donate below to pay in any country by credit card (securely processed by Stripe) or by bank transfer. For advice on setting up regular payments by bank transfer or credit card please email or use the website to contact us.

Donors based in the USA can follow this link: MVI Donations and select Support a Program/Project then ‘enter manually’ to specify your donation preference. These donations are eligible for donor receipts.

If you prefer to donate directly to our accounts, our details are:

Letio Faka Kalisitiane | Bank: ANZ | Bank code: 010930 | Account number: 1100583

MotiVate | Bank: ASB | Account number: 12-3059-0560743-02 | SWIFT: ASBBNZ2A (if sending from overseas)

Please include your name in the reference and contact us directly so we can match the deposit with your name.

Minimum Donation: $5

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