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Helping South Pacific people disciple their Islands by radio

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I wanted to tell you all how joy I'm right now. I have been talking about Christ and sharing them to my friends and they Willy enjoyed. Sorry if you don't understand my English writing. This is one of God work so that I can write and read in English evendow I'm in broken english. . . I didn't mine how long would it takes to answer my email but there's a time that God give all and that will be that time. I know you have a lot to do and I unsder that. Because Christ say If you one things on my name I will give it you.  sometime we have to patience of what God telling us to do. Well may be the Glory of the Lord be with you all and guide you where ever you may go.


A radio staff member has an opportunity to disciple a young Moslem boy who came into contact with the station ministry through the youth program. The young boy comes from a staunchly Moslem family, his father is wanting to open a temple in Tonga. On giving his heart to the Lord, this young boy has been ostracized by his family, to the point where he was wanting to commit suicide. But he has stayed in constant contact with the members of the youth radio program for encouragement and is hungry to learn more about the Lord and actually asked Willy outright if he could disciple him.


Thank you very much for your encouragement through these messages,it's a great honour for me being a part of your family in Jesus Christ. . . thanks God for all his Guidance upon me,and I know for sure that he won't leave me alone,I feel safe in everywhere I go,because He is always with me,like today's verse,Why should I worry,God is my provider and my protector. Thank you for all your praying and supporting in everything we do,May the love of God and The Holy Spirit fulfill the desire of your heart.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in Nuku'alofa, TONGA

When the riots took place all other radio station were shut down . . . During that time our christian station was like a hospital, people were looking for medicine,for answer,for a way out and right there JESUS NAME WERE PROCLAIM. Radio phone rings all the time. . . the whole kingdom [of Tonga] listern to our christian station, becauase the national radio only broadcaste at 6 o clock in the afternoon. to God be the glory.


Thank you very much for the Bibble we are bless to have those very easy to understand.Our Tongan word so few some time is hard to know the meaning of those word but with this bible is very easy to understand the meaning.Also some of us practice our English by start reading out loud the Bibble.Thank you so much to those who donated those bibble to us.


The station here [Tonga Christian Radio] is so blessing especially when the riots held, and every house that i enter they always listen the christian station everyday...... The workers are so good and what i observe now from the christian station is grow up coz every day i heard the radio the line are so busy when the people use the phone to share and desdemony and sing a songs etc. thank you very much for giving this instrument to our country that help the heart of sufferring and problems.


oh hi im a tongan and i accepted christ two years ago and sometimes i fail to do what he wants me to do but that doesnt mean i do not ask him for his forgiveness.........and most of the times i pray to him and just to thank him for his help and everything.......and as i read your fellows mail it gives me hope that just make me feel stronger and i know for sure that without his help i will not be able to become alive again.........with all sinful things i have the way i will be happy to receive these kind of mails from you........


M. . . comes from a [names a cult] background, her family grew up in this and all still attend. M. . . has started questioning and has been stirred to really seek the truth. She comes faithfully every week, with questions and is really hungry. She is convinced that the Word of God is the truth and is eager to share that truth and what she?s been learning in our bible studies with her family. She is in a wonderful place of influence, and she understands that by living her life before her family in the truth that she has learnt, they too will come to ask questions and seek.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

Yesterday a man ring up to the station and ask for advice because he realize there is a difference between what his pastor taught him and the things he heard from the radio. Last Friday he heard the announcer was talking about receiving Christ as your personal savior and he is the way the truth and the life without him we can't enter the kingdom. That man was worried when he heard that because his pastor told him to keep on doing the good work like giving to the poor, helping those in need etc and by this he will enter the kingdom of God. He was worried so he rang up and ask for advice. We do councelling him on the phone. Praise God that people know the truth through listening to the radio and not only that but turn up for follow up [at our First Steps discipleship classes].

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

. . . a mother talk to me on the phone and share with me that she is living together with a man (not married) for 11 years but she knows that what she is doing is a sin so she listen everytime to the radio and follow with every scripture that was given from the radio. His husband take their radio with him to the bush and listen to our prayer time every day and pray with us. They are not too far from their salvation so please pray that the Lord will touch them and show them the right way to walk.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

One of the favourite secular music artist in Tonga . . . came to the station tears in his eyes asking for help. He has been accepting the Lord as his savior while listening to one of the program on the radio. We are looking forward to follow up that man to fan up the flame that is now started.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

A young girl . . . has been run away from home with a married man. She hasn't been found by the family but she ring us for prayer and help. The father was angry with her and didn't want her back. That girl has been terrified by her father before with a gun and lately (before she run away) with a knife telling her that if she do something to dishonor the family she'll pay for it. It's a hard case for us to follow up but please pray for us as we do the follow up and hope for a reconciliation between the father and daughter.


There is a girl she is a nurse and she's joining us doing the first step bible study . . . She is a live-in nurse and she should be at the domitory at 10.00pm otherwise she'll be penalize. As she continue to feed from the word through the first step [our follow-up program] she really want to attend doesn't matter what the cost. I've heard that twice she was send to weed the garden or sweep their domitories just because she attend the bible study.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

Last week a man ring up and share with us the truth of his life. . . he give his money to support the church and more than that he start supporting the poor people in his village. His pastor told him that if he will keep doing that he will end up in heaven. For 20 years he keep on doing that. Until he heard the Christian Radio announcer talking about receiving Christ is the only way to heaven. That truth really struck his heart and he found himself believing that truth. He search the bible and found out that it was true. He need to know more about that truth so rang up to station and we follow him up on the phone but he didn't tell us name or his phone number. We are praying for that man hope that we will keep in touch with him soon.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

Tapena . . . rang us and ask us to pray for him. His right side is paralyzed he can even move and if he try to move himself something inside of him start to block his breath. He can't be able even to go to the bathroom for a long time. Also his right side was swollen.

We pray for that man and this morning we receive a call and tell us that after praying the Lord start to heal him . . . he can't even feel that thing that is going to block his breath, and also yesterday he went to the bathroom twice.

FROM Tonga Christian Radio in NUKU'ALOFA, TONGA

A young lady she's a christian but her home they non believer. She always listen to the station and she was encourage when she tune in every time. But on the other hand she face problem with the rest of her family even when they find out she's listening to 93 they take radio away from her and try to stop her from listening to Christian stuff. One day the announcer was sharing from the Gods Way Everyday and the topic is "Walking through the fire" that girl was so blessed by that and she rang up to the announcer to share her heart. The announcer pray with her and even following up her through phone and she also invite the announcer over to her place to talk.


This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it" There is hope and prayer that things there are as they are supposed to be, as I know very well that you are doing a lot of very important work. You work wonders with the spirit of world-wide sheeps... I am one of those people who need support and who is thirsty for that running fountain that flows from Up Above... I really do appreciate your work...


the only thing I can do is pray for the work and be patient ... I hope that when I finish from here in my studies I would be able to help the work in Tonga, maybe on the holidays, I could help out with the children's stories that usually runs in the mornings, cause I always listen to that radio station.


I use to go to a church and everything was done by good works. And when I gave my life to the Lord I didn't understand the word Grace. My friend and even my Pastor tried to explain it to me, but I still didn't understand. But it wasn't until I did the first lesson of [the Bible study] where I wrote out the meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9 in my own words that I understood it. It's change my life. I use to go to church and not be interested in the things of the church, even the preaching. Sometimes I would go out with my friends during the church service and do other things. But when I understood the word Grace I stayed in church during the whole service and I told my other friends about the word Grace as well and tried to help them understand it.


Praise God for saving us all. Thank God for using you to help me ... I realise I have not been reaching out to other as you have to me... Every time I think of others I weep because I have been blessed and these others who deserve the blessings I have don't have it. I wish God's blessings on you and the relocation of 93FM.


I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for ... your ministry. Truly - the devotional book has been a blessing in my life for a long time now, and I thank the Lord for hearts that have such an awesome vision as yours to share the gospel throughout the Pacific. Hebrews 4:12

Lives are being changed in the Tongan Islands   thanks to your Partnership in prayer and finance