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Helping South Pacific people disciple their Islands by radio

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The worst storm to hit Tongatapu in 60 years has damaged or destroying 40% of the island’s houses and approximately  95% of its crops.

The Christian Radio station (Letio Faka-Kalisitiane 93.1FM) not only broadcasts a message of hope through Jesus across Tonga and beyond, but its staff also run highly effective discipleship programmes across the island, and a fruitful prison ministry. We praise God that the Christian radio station is still standing, while so many other buildings have sadly been destroyed, but the roof is damaged and the building is weak and overdue for replacement.

Willy Florian (Station Manager) sent us this moving report just after the storm:"The Radio Station is still standing by the grace of God. The wind have blown the tarpaulin but not the house and their have been water everywhere. For now we just can't stop the water from getting inside the building, but that will not keep us from going on air. We believed that God will display His Glory, The splendour of God in this season of time. But it is the joy of the Lord that stills makes us smile in the midst and after the storm. It was the worse storm ever in my life. I thought that our house will be blown by the wind. But in the midst of all this my mind was, how is the Radio Station Building? I have never cried so hard in my life for the Radio, like I did on that stormy night. The Radio was my platform to reach the people of Tonga with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The miracle hand of God took over as the Almighty send His Angels to encamp around the Station. Early morning I have to take the motorcycle and try to reach the radio, trees were everywhere, houses were torn apart as people were gathering their belongings. This are houses stronger than the Station. When I got to the Station, I can't hold my tears as I see the old building still standing. I just shouted. God you are faithful!”

We’ve already shipped two large heavy-duty tarpaulins to stop more rain entering the building, but would ask that you join us in praying for a new studio building that is designed around two modified shipping containers.

Please join us in praying for a new building and radio studio
to reach and disciple the people of Tonga


worst storm to hit Tongatapu in 60 years